Monday, February 25, 2008

Purple states have a deep bench of grassroots

Being a targeted "battle ground" state has its advantages.

Grassroots grow deep in Ohio - Jeanne Cummings - "As the White House organized churches and gun owners, Democrats were steeped in the tools and tactics of organization by party nominee John F. Kerry’s campaign and the independent organization America Coming Together, which was fueled by millions donated by wealthy liberals such as George Soros. The Kerry camp and ACT produced historic Democratic turnout but still not enough to best the Bush-Cheney reelection machine.

In 2006, still smarting from the presidential campaign, Democrats were ready for payback. They mobilized to win statewide and federal races, moving out of the traditionally Democratic cities and organizing in the pro-Bush rural areas and Appalachia."

Friday, February 22, 2008

Where did the POTUS Campaigns spend their money?

Many Eyes: Spending

Click on the visualization to check out how much the campaigns spent on TV, mail, website, consultants, donuts, pizza and all the important things that make a campaign work.

How many people read Drudge instead of the NY Times?

Many Eyes: Comparison of Daily readership of NY Times and The Drudge Report

Just in case you were wondering how pathetic the New York times is. Times circulation is on the left (no pun intended) and Drudge's traffic is on the right.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Liberals in Michigan ID key to victory - turn out more felons.

Michigan Liberal: Michigan Politics Blog:: GOTV Design - If We're Serious.:

Funny liberal rant that has some nuggets of truth in it. Fairly decent description of Democrat demographic groups that would be useful for turnout. My personal favorite on prisoners is below.

You just can't make stuff like this up.

"1) Prisoners in local jails. Contrary to public belief, even convicted felons can vote in Michigan, as long as they are not currently incarcerated serving a sentence. Since half of all jail inmates are technically awaiting trial or sentencing, they are eligible to vote. The problem isn't a legal bar to obtaining absentee ballots for them, but the painstaking work needed to figure out which ones are registered to vote, and then to identify someone on the outside (likely to be a regular visitor to the prisoner) who can carry the application and get a signature on it. Another problem is the high rate of 'churn' - people are booked and released constantly, and many are only in jail for a few days or weeks. A third problem is the typical inmate's utter lack of political interest or knowledge. A fourth is their typical low level of literacy and inability to follow directions. The only 'plus' is that typical inmates - if they somehow manage to vote - are at least 80% Democratic in orientation, so there isn't much point in screening for partisan orientation. In the two months preceding the November election, at least 20,000 people will spend at least 7 days in jail in Michigan. If we could get 10% of them to vote - virtually none do so on their own - we'd be adding 2000 votes statewide."

Friday, February 15, 2008

Hola! Vota por Obama!

Barack Obama : : Change We Can Believe In Kevin Florida's Blog: Phone Bankers - Your Hard Work is Getting Notice!

Phone banking in Espanol.

Democrat GOTV software application in PA

Interesting article on a Dem congressional campaign's turnout program in 2006 in suburban Philadelphia. The tactics are not revolutionary or earth shattering but it is amazing in this day and age that don't have something like this as a standard for all their campaigns.

GOPers can complain all day about Voter Vault (and many do) but it is still much better than this system.

Clinton sends her 'stopper' to Texas / It's must-win there, because she trails Obama in delegates

Clinton sends her 'stopper' to Texas / It's must-win there, because she trails Obama in delegates:

Team Clinton seems to show quite the contrast to the Barack "Yes we something?" Obama. He talks about Hope and a vision for tomorrow while HRC brings in hitmen.

"The bespectacled Smith is considered a take-no-prisoners political operative whose dogged studies into opponents' backgrounds earned him the reputation as one of the nation's most feared opposition researchers.
'I've seen him walk into a room and the opposition candidate will literally start mumbling,' former Democratic strategist Clint Reilly once said of him. 'They're just terrified with his presence.'
Known as the 'Doctor Death' of political opposition research, he has led winning campaigns in recent years for Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and state Attorney General Jerry Brown."

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Just when you thought Linc Chafee could not be any worse...

Former GOP Senator to Endorse Obama - TIME

This is the big bag of feces we spent so much time trying to save in 2006?

So glad we worked so hard to make sure he survived his primary.

Ok so I am completely with the idea of a big tent GOP that includes moderates. But...sooner or later we need to start some sort of gut check on how big a piece of crap you have to be before we pitch you overboard. Being an incumbent should not be some sort of free pass on actually having to act like a Republican.

Monday, February 11, 2008

HRC thinks GOTV means Get On TeleVision.

You Can't Reap What You Didn't Sow - Craig Crawford's Trail Mix
This one just makes me laugh. Hillary Clinton poured her cash into TV and neglected her GOTV and now she is paying the price.

Who is giving to Presidential Campaigns in your neighborhood?

46614 zip code: -- Huffington Post

Everyone should have the right to know their neighbors political leanings...right? Of course, it is public info and thanks to this fun widget you can look them up by name, city or zip code. Have fun.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Thousands of voters' ballots tossed out.

Politics Thousands of voters' ballots tossed out Seattle Times Newspaper

Surely this is a Republican plot. Someone call Al Sharpton!

Things like this happen all the time except when it happens in the General Election... then all voters are miraculously smart and Repbublicans are so clever we can orchestrate it.

(Rolling my eyes)

I hate how ignorant the media can be.

Grass-roots organizing gives Obama an edge - Los Angeles Times

Grass-roots organizing gives Obama an edge - Los Angeles Times

Good story on how Obama's grassroots give him the edge.

"The costly effort began in the spring of 2007, in part to counter the organizational resources of unions and Democratic Party organizations that were largely committed to Obama's Democratic rival, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton of New York. The precinct-level operations were to employ theories of community organizing Obama practiced in Chicago before getting into electoral politics.

Last April, Obama's national field director, Cuauhtemoc "Temo" Figueroa, wrote an internal memo titled "Turning Enthusiasm into Organization," a blueprint for turning Obama's rock star popularity into a more professional and sustained operation.The purpose, Figueroa wrote, is to provide supporters with the tools to create "self-sufficient, interdependent teams that take responsibility for all aspects of a campaign within their congressional district."

Trained, empowered and then trusted their grassroots organizations. Very cool.

I would be willing to bet that one of the other strengths was NOT being an existing union or party organization. It probably gave them the freedom to try new things, ignore "traditional" methods and really innovate.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Don't walk into the light!

Inspiration vs. Substance - TIME

I would like a t-shirt with Obama's picture that says "Don't walk towards the light!"

I mean seriously. Even as a Republican you catch yourself listening with that glazed look and going, wow, he just said...absolutely nothing...but it sounded great.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Obama is the fantasy canidate that the Deaniac/anti-war left has been waiting for. Democracy in Action
In 2004 Howard Dean became the vehicle for a angry and frustrated anti-war left of the Democratic party that was ready to rock the establishment vote. Ultimately, even Dean's campaign manager Joe Trippi realized that the support for Dean was not really about Dean. He was just the vessel that this crowd chose to channel their support. He was bascially not strong enough, not polished enough and just too angry to carry their banner and he famously flamed out during a speech to supporters in Iowa in 2004.

So they swallowed thier disgust, held thier nose and backed John Kerry. They consoled themselves knowing that it was never about Kerry it was about opposition to Bush. They efforts and rhetoric often rang hollow as it was more about anger and rarely about support for Kerry. So they took their beating in 2004 and hoped for a better day and a better messanger.

He arrived at thier conventoin in 2004.

The smooth and optimistic Obama is the fantasy candidate they have longed for. He is liberal enough - number 1 according to National Journal in the US Senate. He is not part of the Washington establishment Democrats they loathe and believe have held their cause back. Most importantly he opposes the war and voted against it.

The endorsement by is that final line item on the check list and they are now ready to roar.

Will GOTV texting swamp some cell networks on Super Tuesday?

The Smart Mobbing of Super Tuesday Threat Level from
It will be fascinating to see if any campaigns will be really this aggressive in thier GOTV to younger voters. My guess is the compressed calandar has prevented most from putting together a really compreshensive GOTV organization in most states that would involve lots of this.

Having said that, maybe some organic self-organized groups within Obama's, Huck's or even Ron Paul's supporters will be able to put together something similar.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Google Earth 3D Electoral College

3D Electoral College -- Political Wire

Nothing like seeing the electoral college...from space!

Obama whacks Hillary in Health Care mail piece.

The Page - by Mark Halperin - TIME
Love to see them go after each other. We all knew Hillary wanted us all to experience Nationalized Health Care. But who would have thought that Obama could be, dare I say, somewhat moderate on the issue?

Republicans for Obama?

South Bend Tribune: A liberal Democrat and a gifted orator
Hard to imagine that we have voters that are this disillusioned in our party. My guess is that people who would say this are really disgruntled independent voters.

I am sure once people take a closer look beyond the glow they will find Obama to be what National Journal describes the #1 Liberal in the US Senate.

Republicans for Obama?

South Bend Tribune: A liberal Democrat and a gifted orator
Hard to imagine that we have voters that are this disillusioned in our party. My guess is that people who would say this are really disgruntled independent voters.

I am sure once people take a closer look beyond the glow they will find Obama to be what National Journal describes the #1 Liberal in the US Senate.