Friday, February 6, 2009


(Granger, IN) – Faulkner Strategies was presented a Reed Award by Campaigns & Election Politics Magazine for its innovative direct mail design during the 2008 election cycle. The Midwest based communications firm took top honors for category of Direct Mail for a Republican State Legislative Candidate.

The piece features Indiana State Representative candidate Dan Leonard who needed to make his mail stand out during an election cycle inundated with national and statewide candidates stuffing mailboxes as never before in Indiana. The mail piece was designed to emphasize Leonard’s “outsider status. The message targeted to voters was that a small action performed by them (voting for Dan Leonard) would lead to a big change, i.e. an outsider like Dan being elected. By utilizing fun and creative graphic design with easily read blurbs, the voter was guided through seemingly unimportant moments in history that turned out to make a significant impact on their today.

Faulkner Strategies was retained by the Indiana Chamber of Commerce, who was targeting the Leonard race in the 2008 Republican primary. Dan Leonard handily beat two others in the primary, with his vote total coming out to 4249 while the other two received 1675 and 1343. “Faulkner Strategies is the best political mail vendor in the Midwest and is a growing Indiana company with a talented staff. IBRG has hired Faulkner Strategies on several races in the last few elections to handle direct mail for our endorsed candidates in competitive races and is a company we have an excellent relationship with,” said Michael Davis, Vice President of the Indiana Chamber of Commerce.

Jordan S. Lieberman, President of Political World Communications, LLC and publisher of Politics magazine, said, “The competition for this award was intense, and included some of the most successful political professionals in the world."
Founder & President of Faulkner Strategies said, "By winning this award, I think we’ve proven that fun and upbeat messaging in a campaign can make a difference. Our team worked hard to tell a story about the difference one man can make in a community and the voters responded positively to it.”

The Reed Awards recognizes excellence in campaign management, political consulting and creative content. The awards are named after Campaigns & Elections founder Stanley Foster Reed, and embody his mission to strive for excellence in political campaigning.

The Campaigns & Elections' Politics magazine Reed Awards are highly coveted by the nation's top political consultants. This year's Reed Awards were judged by political luminaries from across the political spectrum, including: Morton Blackwell, Tucker Carlson, Tom Davis, Monica Dixon, Ben Dworkin, Vic Fazio, Martin Frost, Julie Germany, Shane Greer, Ken Khachigian, Mike Hennessy, Ron Klain, Mike Krempasky, Kevin Madden, Mark, McKinnon, Dick Morris, Terry Nelson, Christie Pelosi, Amy Pritchard, Larry Sabato, Ron Silver, Jamal Simmons, Michael Steele, George Stephanopolous, Robert Traynham, Joe Trippi, Suzanne Turner, Vaughn Ververs, Amy Walter, Christine Todd Whitman, and Reid Wilson.

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